The Enneagram – an ancient tool used to understand human psychologies – presents 9 interconnected personality types. This system is useful in helping each of us better understand ourselves, including the patterns that we are most likely to follow when we are under stress or otherwise.  The Enneagram does not attempt to box us perfectly into a single box, but rather helps to provide useful insight into ourselves as well as those with whom we live and work.

In brief, the Enneagram allows us to develop a better understanding of ourselves and one another – thereby enhancing communication and understanding across cultural, racial and other barriers that often trip us up.

In our own personal development journeys, we have found that recognising ourselves within the framework of the Enneagram has allowed us to identify areas of intrinsic weakness as well as opportunities for excellence. We have found it useful to be able to identify certain patterns that are most likely to inhibit our ongoing growth and as a result are more conscious of the need to mitigate against these limiting or destructive patterns.  This has helped us to negotiate the slippery slopes of family and business life a little better and given us some insights into ourselves that have enabled us to make a more meaningful impact on the lives of those with whom we are associated.

When considering the personality profiles of a group or team, it allows us to better understand workplace dynamics, potential pitfalls and opportunities for synergy. The ability to understand one another is of great significance as we recognise that our relationships are the foundation upon which our team’s success will be built.

As a result, the Enneagram has become a pillar around which much of our Team Building and Personal Development material has been developed.

We look forward to helping you and your team find out where you sit within the Enneagram framework as we journey together.