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ThinkSayDo.biz is owned and managed by Anne-Lise Bollaert-Davies and Colin Davies

Anne-Lise Bollaert-Davies

Anne-Lise Bollaert-Davies

Anne-Lise Bollaert-Davies : Speaker, Writer and Coach

Anne-Lise loves to empower others to live boldly, to become the best version of themselves, and show the world the full potential that we all hold within us.

Her talks are designed to inspire and empower her audience. Anne-Lise offers practical tools for effective living and strategies for facing increasingly uncertain times with hope and purpose. 

In addition, Anne-Lise holds a BA (Hon) in Geography and is a skilled researcher, content writer, editor, facilitator and project manager. Anne-Lise has worked closely with clients from local government, provincial government departments and the NGO sector.

She has recently added a Business Coaching certification to her basket of skills, enabling her to make a positive contribution to the success of local businesses, using the same skills that have enabled her to develop meaningful strategies within the government sector.

Colin Davies

Colin Davies

Speaker; Executive Coach

Colin is a powerful speaker and insightful coach. His expertise are best suited to executives and business teams who want to break through the glass ceilings and reach their full potential. 

As a director in the largest Geomatics company in the Eastern Cape, Colin brings real business experience to the coaching and strategic conversations he facilitates for leaders and leadership teams.

Using his expertise in Geomatics, Colin uses the concepts of positioning and measurement to present transformative seminars on Leadership, Team Development and Change Management.